Escape to the Beach – Our Home for a Week of Comfort and Ease

Escape to the Beach – Our Home for a Week of Comfort and Ease

This past Memorial Day weekend kicked off a pleasant week out at the beach with family where we wandered the dunes, ditched the waves and observed the seals lounging on the near and distant shores. It was the perfect way to step back from the hubbub of our busy lives and simply take time out to reflect and connect with ourselves, each other, and our beautiful surroundings.

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Interiors from the Inside Out

What is it to be ‘Inspired’?  
Where does ‘inspiration’ come from?
How do you respond to it?
Do you welcome it with open arms?

At what point do we honor the ‘Yes!’ within; when we align with something deep down, and follow that resonance to wherever it might lead? 

One of the biggest turning points for me in my design career was while I was in the midst of hunting for fabric options for a client’s home.  Fabric was my ‘thing’ back then; it was my primary source of inspiration having come from a fashion design background.  I could count on textiles to wake up and spur my vision of what a space I was designing could become.  My approach up until that point had primarily been client driven.  Sure I had my vision and creativity in tow, but I felt more or less like an underappreciated facilitator bouncing along in the back seat while the client sat up front with their hands on the steering wheel barreling down the road with determination while turning around to face me and ask where we were going. The last couple of projects leading up to this latest one had been an exercise in dire patience and endless fabric options.  I dreaded the potential of second-guessing everything and having to come up with more options that I didn’t particularly care for.  And so, there I was in the midst of flipping through a sea of neatly folded hanging fabric samples, feeling somewhat uninspired and relatively apprehensive, when I had my own ‘burning bush’ moment. 

It started out as a solid ‘Yes!’ as I reached out and pulled a sample towards me.  It’s as if the ‘Yes’ was quietly lying in wait, hidden within the fabric until it popped out and jumped inside of me as I tugged it free from the hanger to get a better look.  The feeling that shot through me in that instant stopped me in my tracks and commanded me to take notice.  The ‘Yes’ resonated through me from head to toe.  It was a far cry from the ‘Ho-Hum’ feelings that lead up to that curious tug.  

I knew this feeling, we had been friends for a long time, but this time was different.  This time the feeling grabbed hold of me and spoke to me loud and clear.  “Don’t bother reaching for anything less than the depth of this moment.  You don’t need to present anyone with anything less.  Trust in your strengths, trust in your instincts.  You are the expert here, this is your arena! You’ve got this!” 

I’d like to say that in that moment, already fifteen years ago now, the sun broke through the clouds and time stood still.  Honestly, I can’t remember, but maybe it did!  It certainly was a defining moment that I chose to embrace wholeheartedly as something real and something sacred that aligned deep within me.  It’s not as if I sprouted angel wings and ascended to the rooftops shouting about ‘the coming of the new dawn’ or anything.  Alas, I was still me, humbly aware of my humanity, yet grateful to reach for the belief, that what I have to offer truly does matter and that, Yes, I am indeed qualified to drive.

As I embraced the merit of my insight and accepted the legitimacy of my expertise, I boldly climbed into the front seat and graciously thanked my clients for the opportunity to share in the driving for a spell. The map I handed them as I took the wheel would always be based on how best to meet their needs and their greater goals.  And no, we wouldn’t be pulling out of the parking lot, or go barreling down any roads unless we both agreed on a map that was mutually beneficial. 

The joy of co-creating with my ‘Yes!’ along with the ‘Yes!’ of my clients and esteemed colleagues has forever been a dynamic and joyful ride from that one curious tug forward.  A fun and ever-changing ride that I gladly hop on as there’s always room for growth and transformation and there’s always room for another ‘Yes’!

So, when was the last time your ‘Yes!’ jumped out and surprised you?

Did the earth stand still, just for a moment perhaps?  ;o)